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Angelantoni Test Technologies is a Company of the Angelantoni Industrie Group. With its 4 foreign sales/service subsidiaries in Germany, France, India, China, and highly qualified and specialized dealers in more than 40 countries on all continents, Angelantoni Test Technologies has been a world leader since 1952 in the design and production of environmental test chambers. The ACS brand is known to encompass a very wide range, from the simplest bench-top chambers for T and RH tests to high-tech systems, such as vacuum chambers for aerospace applications and calorimeters.

ACS offers a complete line of climatic chambers for the automotive industry, with advanced technical solutions to test and simulate all environmental, road and contextual conditions, both for R&D applications and for production and quality control of components and complete vehicles. Vibration, thermal shock, corrosion, sand and dust, solar radiation, rain: all environmental conditions can be reproduced. 

Electrification and the development of increasingly efficient energy storage systems in terms of energy density, environmental impact and safety are currently posing a major challenge in this sector. ACS offers standard and customized solutions for lithium-ion battery testing, developed to provide laboratories with the most comprehensive test package, sized for cells, modules, and battery packs. The test not only verifies the life of the battery but also its safety under certain environmental conditions.

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Climatic chambers for battery testing. 
Standard and customized solutions for cells, modules and packs.  

Forms of collaboration offered

We offer a highly technological and extremely customizable product, tailored to the specific needs of the customer and the relevant regulations.

Forms of collaboration required

The possibility of creating integrated test systems between various technologies with the aim of optimizing processes is explored.

Types of partners required

We are looking for high-level technology partners operating in the testing sector, with skills complementary to those of Angelantoni Test Technologies.