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Eles S.p.A. is an innovative SME listed on the multilateral trading system Euronext Growth Milan. Eles was established in 1988, providing solutions to improve the reliability of all semiconductors families (SoC-System on Chip, MEMS-Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems, Memories and Smart Power ICs, SiC & GaN Devices and Photonic Devices). The importance of chip reliability has systematically grown so much to become a vital issue for Mission Critical applications, and pivotal in today’s revolution: the Digital Transformation. At the heart of this revolution, chips permeate everything and make everything smart and integrated into more complex systems. The digital revolution increases the complexity of solutions and systems. More electronics and more interconnections generate questions about how we trust this complexity. The reliability of electronic components becomes central in managing this complexity. 

Eles mission has always been focused on innovation and, according to such a mission, in 2015 the company has launched RETE Methodology on the market (Reliability Embedded Test Engineering) – currently still unique in the world – based on Reliability Test for qualification, which allows to produce semiconductors with 100% Yield and Zero Defects by eliminating Burn-in. The best way to enhance customers’ competitiveness and sustainability.

In January 2022 Eles finalizes the acquisition of Campera Electronic Systems, a company that has been operating in Aerospace & Defense sectors since 2014, providing design and Intellectual Property (IP) for Video, Radar, Mission and Safety Critical systems on the latest FPGA and System on Chip technologies. The project represents the first step of a strategy aimed at achieving the development of the A&D market, in which ELES has always been active, thus giving the Group a solid diversification. The new division will benefit from the innovative RETE methodology by giving the A&D market the necessary reliability not only related to chips, but also to systems.

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Proposition and provision of products and services through the network 

  • SALE
    IC, ECU & Systems Qualification Solutions 

    Support for integrating the reliability process into the manufacturing process in a structured and digitized wa 

    IC, ECU & Systems qualification Lab for third parties 

 Which forms of collaboration we offer 

  • Support and consultancy for reliability testing of IC, ECU & Systems 
  • ICs, ECUs & Systems Reliability Tests execution  
  • Analysis of test data for identification of possible design and manufacturing process weaknesses 

 Which forms of collaboration we require 

  • Electronic, Software, Firmware and Mechanical Design 
  • Development of DfT (Design for Test) 
  • Design of automation systems 
  • Production of printed circuit boards 
  • Assembly of electronic boards 

 Types of partners expected 

  • Companies of Electronic Test Service 
  • Automation systems companies 
  • ICs Design Center 
  • Product industrialization consultancy