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König Metall GT was founded in collaboration with König Metall GmbH Germany, a European leader in the development of components for the automotive industry. 

König Metall GT, founded in 2001, produces components in steel and special alloys for various applications. The company offers a state-of-the-art technology of ensuring competitiveness and quality of its products.

The company develops processes and equipment for the production of steel and special alloys components, with focus on customer satisfaction. 

Smart solutions, flexibility and passion for the manufacturing industry are the pillars of our company mission. 

Technology, quality and flexibility towards the customer are the strengths of König Metall GT, which have allowed a rapid growth and success in the international markets. 

The company verticalizes and expands its production range with stamped and welded components

and the installation of laser welded tube mill lines offers a complete solution to the major Tier One companies in the international automotive sector. 

König Metall GT has achieved the CISQ AUTOMOTIVE, CISQ / IGQ ISO 14001: 2015, CISQ / IGQ ISO 9001: 2015 certifications as a qualified supplier for the automotive sector.

Via Luigi Casale, 6,
05100 Terni TR



+39 0744 246619

Offer of products and services through the network

Innovative components in stainless steel and special alloys for various applications in the automotive sector; Tubes with special geometries, panels, structures, mechanisms, fasteners and stamped products.

What kind of collaboration are offered

Development of new technical and structural solutions for green mobility and energy recovery.

Types of desired collaboration

Development of technical applications requiring components characterized by innovative materials and geometries in the field of electric and hydrogen mobility.

Types of desired collaboration

  • R&D
  • Engineering &Designer
  • Car makers and 1st level suppliers in the automotive sector
  • System integrators and suppliers of modules for innovative devices
  • Thermodynamic, acoustics, pipeline and filtering technologies engineering

Any notes that the company wishes to highlight

It is part of a multinational company with 9 plants in the world, producing steel components and systems for all industrial sectors and integration in the supply chain of stainless steel components.

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