Privé s.r.l.


Since 2010, Privé is an engineering company providing services for the electrification of many kind of vehicles type. Privé deals with vehicle setup, HV system integration, battery design, test and validation for HV components. 

In over 10 years of activity, Privé worked with automotive, marine, agricultural and earthmoving machinery OEMs, on mass production projects and one-off or prototyping

Strada del Colle,
06132 Perugia PG

+39 075 8860006

Offers products and services through the network

Engineering services for vehicle electrification in the automotive, construction, agriculture, nautical and naval sectors. Vehicle setup, systems integration, prototype and sample realization. Scheduling, management and execution of complex validation plans, development testing and homologations.

What forms of collaboration are offered

Privé offers consultancy and support for the development of electric vehicles and vehicles, working remotely or at customers, laboratories and suppliers’ premises

What forms of collaboration are required

Privé would like to expand its network of suppliers of products and services to be able to offer clients as needed

Types of partners required

Suppliers of products in the field of HV components, power and control electronics. Testing laboratories with equipment dedicated to electrical/electronic components, batteries and electric motors

Any notes that the company wishes to highlight

Privé is highly active in the search for partners with whom to present research and development projects according to the themes proposed by the European Community through Horizon programming and other forms of funding. Thanks to its fruitful and active participation in numerous Horizon projects, Privé can boast an excellent rating with the Commissions of the European Community.