Synergie Cad Instruments 


Synergie Cad Instruments, for over 30 years, has been offering electronic design and manufacturing services that find application in Semiconductor Testing and Special Applications.

Synergie Cad Instruments has always been attentive to the real needs of the customer, the starting point for the creation of innovative solutions, which combine quality performance with cost containment, with flexibility and versatility as the salient features of the company philosophy.

The company is as a reliable partner for projects with a high technological and innovative content and bases its competitiveness on the high quality of the services offered and the dominance of technological processes. The market sectors are: industrial and civil automation, microelectronics, alternative energies, special applications.

It carries out hardware and software projects directly to customer specifications, delivering products tested quickly with scrupulous test procedures.

Via Milano, 15I/15L
25032 Chiari BRESCIA – ITALY