Perugia, 7 November 2022 – Umbria e-mobility Network, the first network of Umbrian companies operating in the sustainable mobility sector, used the virtual reality to present itself to the press and to the Regional Councilor for Economic Development Michele Fioroni.

On the occasion of the meeting, which took place at the Confindustria Umbria headquarters in Perugia, the participants were able to immerse themselves in a virtual environment that shows the products of the 15 companies participating in the Network and their location inside an electric car.

Together with the Councilor Fioroni, the General Director of Confindustria Umbria Simone Cascioli and the representatives of the companies that are part of the network intervened: Angelantoni Test Technologies, ART, Asterisco Tech, Cimarredi, Eles semiconductor equipment, Emotion, EN4, König Metall GT, Meccanotecnica Umbra, Modulo, Privé, Sitem, Solaredge E-mobility, Synergie Cad Instruments and Xepics Italia.

Conceived and promoted by Confindustria Umbria with the technical support of Umbria Export, Umbria Digital Innovation Hub and the contribution of the Umbria Chamber of Commerce, the Network brings together companies operating in the chain of technologies and services for electric mobility.

“Umbria e-mobility Network – said Director Simone Cascioli – is the result of an activity carried out in the last two years by Confindustria Umbria and has a consolidated turnover of over 500 million euros and almost 2,300 employees. Its purpose is to develop commercial and technological projects that aggregate the companies of the Cluster. It is therefore essential to be able to seize the opportunities offered by European funds and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, to give further development prospects to the Network “.

Umbria e-mobility Network, already present in some of the main international events in the sector, intends to develop some initiatives in the field of digital, training and research.

“The mobility sector, which in Umbria has 145 companies involved, demonstrating a certain weight in the sector, is – underlined Councilor Michele Fioroni – at the gates of a transition that is still uncertain in many respects, especially that of the electric one identified by the Union European. Companies that come together on this technological activity, are different from each other but able to collaborate and compete, also sharing the experiences of the Automotive Regions Alliance, the network to which the Region of Umbria has joined which, in addition to having established a discussion table on the automotive sector, has considered it appropriate to build strategic alliances at European level on a sector that is fundamental for the competitiveness, not only of our region but of our country, notoriously an excellence in the automotive field “.

For the next initiatives, a central role in the activity of the network will therefore have the promotion and collaboration with Universities, Research Centers and Competence Centers to develop process and product innovation, as well as the creation of strategic and operational alliances offered by the sector of e-mobility nationally and internationally.

“The strategic objective of the Network – highlighted Alessio Damiani, of the Asterisco Tech company and interim coordinator of Umbria e-mobility Network – is the sharing of innovative projects and technological solutions in the field of electric mobility, as well as collaboration initiatives scientific, industrial and commercial, national and international. The energy transition that is revolutionizing the automotive sector can pose a risk to companies that will not be able to convert. Our network was created with the common goal of transforming this risk into a great opportunity “.